The dedicated team behind Monday Media Netherlands

Monday Media consists of a team of driven, dedicated and creative people. We’re friendly and we don’t bite, so please get in touch with us on any day of the week.

Monday Media is regularly looking for talented, eager and enthusiastic television makers and trainees. Please mail your resume and a short motivation to

Sander Emmering

Managing Director
Monday Benelux

Jan Hendrik Smeenge

Managing Director

Ruud Tiktak

Head of Operations & Productions

Geraldine Smink

Associate Producer

Tom Goossens

International Creative Coördinator

Chantal Labree

Senior Creative



Sahar Meradji

Creative Producer 
Man op de Maan

Samara Schutte

Production Manager

Mandy Bellis

Production Manager

Ricardo Brouwer

Production Coördinator

Sophia Chevalier

Production Assistent

Eefje Janssen

Series Editor

Thamar Bus

Series Editor

Hanneke Niehe


Iris Hubbeling


Julie Wiggen Hallberg

Produsent, Norway

Camilla Miehe-Renard

Producent, Denmark

Erika Sornede

Administrasjon (Norway)

Kim Sortvik

Teknisk ansvarlig (Norway)

Sigve Skodvin

Produsent, Norway

Hans Lukas Hansen

Produsent, Norway

Fie Abildgaard Timm

Administration, Denmark

Kjetil Brevik

IT-Admin, Norway

Anne Wenell
Produsent, Norway
Lars Andersen

Produkjsonssjef (Norway)

Kamilla Laumark-Møller
Group Financial Controller, Denmark
Tue Svensson

Teknisk support, Denmark

Sander Emmerink


Thomas Meyer Jakobsen

Producent, Denmark

Ole Endresen

Creative Director, Norway

Jesper Bang-Udesen

Produktionsleder, Denmark

Isabel van der Maesen


Jos van der Schoot

Head of Accounting

Irena Sakovic

Office Producer

Dominique Kruis

Media Manager